How Do You Sleep at Night? is an audio scripted comedy about a detective who used to be an actor investigating actors who used to be people. The town of Eustis, Illinois is turned upside down when the Slowcumb plantation-turned-dinner theater is mysteriously set on fire. An eccentric detective shows up to investigate the crime. Was it a member of the Slowcumb family, an enemy of the family, or someone else entirely unrelated?

Created by: Grace Day

Produced by: Lambo Productions, LLC

Cast by: Tessa Faye Talent, LLC

Directed by: Sarah Faye Beard

Edited by: Emily Crain

Artwork by: Sarah Faye Beard


Grace Day, Cooper Grodin, Joseph Leo Boyce, Nikki MacCallum, Sam Morales, Christy Hall, Bri Cala, Matt Vita, David Lambert, Gabriel Michael, David LaMorte, Suzan Perry, Guy Whitney, Priyanka Krishnan, Rebekah Rawhouser, Laura Cantwell, Peter Fanone, Justin Gentry, Tara Nicole Murphy, Coco Sammons, Ryley Rebecca Mosier, Tessa Faye, Craig Mosier, Sam Franco, Sean Harrison Jones, Ted Wold, Melissa Stokoski, Tyler Hansell, Evelyn Hill, Jennifer James Davies, Rachel Day Hughes, Jacob Cummings, Erin Eller-Sammons, Ashelyn Galloway, and Sarah Faye Beard.