Library Freaks

a web series about mental health

In the summer of 2017, we had just moved away from NYC and I spent my days…not working. After a month-or-so of intense home projects, I sat down and started writing. I had been looking forward to our move because I had convinced myself that I would finally be able to sit and write without distraction if we lived in a small town.  Of course, there are fundamental flaws to that logic, but nevertheless, it worked. Within two weeks, I wrote a screenplay. Two weeks later, I had written another, about mental health.

My husband and I knew about this time that we were going to start a family. Being an actor, that would mean my future profession was about to shaped by a changing body and then by a tiny, human baby. The second screenplay I had written had a part I could play (I’ve realized with most of my screenplays/screenplay ideas, there aren’t characters for me to play) and I decided to ask a friend, Tyler, from high school if she wanted to be my creative partner on the project and if we’d be able to make it happen. I sent her the script and she helped me flesh it out. With a finished script, we moved forward with pre-production. After a month, I went to stay with my parents in Virginia for a month to film the series. I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and no one outside of my family knew it yet!

Tyler was officially the producer and co-director on the project, but she really grew to be as passionate about it as I did. She offered incredible guidance to me as it was my first experience directing, and kind of my first experience acting on film! It has been such an incredible process of learning for me.