24 Audition Songs that Double as Lullabies

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Before the Air Force started telling me where to live, my husband and I lived in Brooklyn. I had a solid 7 months of auditioning, working multiple jobs, and living the traditional aspiring actress life in the city. Most of the children I nannied were in elementary school, but there was one little baby in the mix whom I got to see once a week. I was in love, with the child and the gig. Half the time I was there, he slept and I had solid time to read, learn lines, and apply for auditions. What were parent-artists complaining about? Fast forward to becoming a parent and the smug look on my face disappeared. Of course it was harder than it seemed, but. I do credit that experience with helping me ease into routines of taking care of my child while also tending to my career.

A total amateur pretending to be a total pro.

Babysitting while I was actively auditioning forced me to reconcile the two, so I often practiced my audition songs for the little one I watched, singing to soothe him when he was fussy or before putting him in his crib. As time went by, I had a repertoire of strong audition songs that doubled as lullabies. I still break these out with my son from time to time!


When my son was a baby, I was on an Anything Goes kick. The two he seemed to enjoy the most were You’re the Top and I Get a Kick Outta You. Yes, the song that mentions champagne and cocaine. So maybe you’re child will have an edge.

Cheer Up, Charlie from Willy Wonka.

Never, Neverland from Peter Pan.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Duh.

You’ll be in My Heart from Tarzan. I dare you not to cry as you sing this to your little one.


Go to Sleep, Whatever You Are from The Apple Tree. Brownie points at an audition for the obscurity.

Everything’s Alright from Jesus Christ, Superstar! (is the exclamation there, or did I imagine it?)

Someone to Watch Over Me from Crazy for You

How Deep is the Ocean – not technically from anything. A great Irving Berlin song I’ve used for auditions.

Wildbird from Spitfire Grill. This song is sort of a downer, but melodically it makes for a great lullaby.


Goodnight My Someone from Music Man

Feed the Birds from Mary Poppins. This song always makes me cry for some reason. It’s not necessarily the most actable song for the purposes of an audition, but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Summertime from Porgy and Bess. My parents used to sing this to me when I was little, and neither of them are sopranos so I know this song is often performed in different keys.

No One is Alone from Into the Woods

Soon It’s Gonna Rain from the Fantasticks


Not While I’m Around from Sweeney Todd

All Good Gifts from Godspell. Godspell’s got several lullaby options!

Your Song from Moulin Rouge/just go with the regular Elton John version

Hushabye Mountain from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang


Dear Theodosia from Hamilton

Make Them Hear You from Ragtime

Truly Scrumptious from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Vienna by Billy Joel

Do you have any favorite songs to sing to your little one? I wanna hear about them! Comment below (:

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