DIY Vintage Hat

DIY Vintage Hat
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A few summers ago, I picked up this cheap hat before going to the pool. I believe it was from Wal-Mart, and it was less than $5.

I’ve been wanting to get a cute hat to replace it, but as we are currently aggressively paying off our student loans, I knew I wouldn’t be buying the hat I have my eye on for a while. But I realized, it’d actually be pretty easy to make this hat cuter. It turned out to be even easier than I thought, and very inexpensive, so I wanted to share the tutorial!

You will need:

  1. An inexpensive hat- I would check at Wal-Mart, a thrift store, or maybe even the Dollar Tree!
  2. Pom poms or tassels (it’s very easy to make your own! Or you can buy them for pretty cheap at a craft store)
  3. Needle and thread

My pom pom maker is actually from an American Girl craft kit I got from Goodwill. No shame!

I simply sewed the pom poms, one by one, to the hat with a thick needle and embroidery floss. Voila!

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