Dress Your Family in Vintage: Easter Edition

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Easter is perhaps the most practical time to dress your family in vintage. A holiday steeped in tradition, church-going, and Easter egg hunt photo shoots. A child of the 90s, my brother and I have painfully long video tapes of the two of us traipsing around my grandparents house, often dressed in silk or hand-smocked jumpers. My grandparents lived in a very wooded neighborhood, creating quite the challenge to keep our clothes clean while partaking in an outdoor egg hunt. Here, I’ve opted for a comfier variety of a vintage. Here’s what I found and fell in love with on Etsy:

Peter Rabbit jacket

1960s, 12-18M

This gorgeous jacket reminds me of one I had when I was little. Comes with a matching bonnet. It’s called the “Peter Cottontail” jacket on Etsy; I always assumed Peter Rabbit and Peter Cottontail were on in the same, but there’s a little more to it. The rabbit featured here is Peter Rabbit, of the Beatrix Potter-variety. There is a different Peter Rabbit story written by Thornton Burgess, and that Peter Rabbit changes his name to Peter Cottontail. And I bet that’s more than you cared to learn on the subject!

Baby Blue Easter Sweater

1980s, 18M

The 80s are trending in adult clothing, so might as well bring your kids in on the fun! This sweater is very sweet, with its parade of bunnies.

Pink Mini Dress with Blue and Yellow Bunnies

1960s, 9-12M

Adorable mini shift dress. The cut of this is just precious, and definitely unique. You don’t see many dresses of this style in contemporary stores.

Frilly Pink Dress

1990s, 24M

This 90s dress reminds me of my childhood. What makes this piece stand out is the eyeleted collar. Peep the little bunny near the hem and the flower buttons.

Red and White Shorts Outfit

1940s, 12-18M

In my dreams of motherhood, I had a little boy nonstop prancing around in outfits like this. Obviously, that is not my reality, so I love to dress him in a 40s outfit like this for the holidays.

Bunny Ears Suit

1940s, 4-5Y

My goodness. I’ll admit this is an attraction-repulsion situation. I just can’t stop staring at this outfit. It’s both cute and horrifying. I think it’s the googly eyes for me.

White Knit Bunny Sweater

1970s, 6-12M

This sweater is perhaps the most practical item on this list. It’s also doesn’t scream “Easter!” so it could be worn often.

Blue Sailor-style Jumper

1950s, 2T

This corduroy jumper is pretty stinking cute. I love the break from the typical pastel colors. The polka dotted bunnies really get me.

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