Dress Your Family in Vintage: Valentine’s Edition

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Let’s get real. Whether it’s the stress of your reflux-y baby ruining a bodysuit that your great-great-grandmother wore, or the complaints of itchy wool, dressing your kids in vintage clothing everyday is not the most practical way to live. Personally, I believe parenting is hard enough and like to take the easy way out as often as safely possible. If we’re at home, my almost-4-year-old is usually running around naked. However as a lover of vintage clothes, I can’t resist the Peter Pan collar when the occasion arises. The holidays are an excellent time to break out heirloom pieces, or cruise Etsy for some new-to-you vintage pieces. Here are my favorite items currently on Etsy to dress up your little cupid.

  1. Girls Crochet Vintage Sweater
  2. Red and white polka dot dress (included in a bundle of four pieces)
  3. 1950s French Gingham dress
  4. French Plaid Dress
  5. 1930s Dress and short floral set
  6. Red and white Jacket
  7. Heart Pattern Blouse
  8. Gingham Heart Jumper

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