Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is this Sunday! Whether you’re religious, secular, or somewhere in between, like us, these Easter basket stuffers will be sure to put a smile on your kiddo’s face.

Stuff for the Garden

We’re getting flowers on Saturday for the Easter bunny to bring to my son. In addition to potted flowers, we’ve got a watering can and some seeds ($1 each in Bullseye’s Playground at Target).

A Maileg Bunny

My mom saw these little bunnies in a toy shop and had the most adorable idea. My sister and my son will both get one of the bunnies in their Easter basket. My son thinks his Aunt Coco hung the moon, so he’ll be very tickled to see that the Easter bunny brought them matching bunnies!

Bath Stuff

So, my son loves baths and things were on theme. The ladybug is a bubble bar from Lush. These things ROCK, and last for what seems like a million baths. The flower is a $1 soap-on-a-rope and it’s from, along with the Peeps bath bomb, Bullseye’s Playground. Thank you, Target, for hosting our Easter basket. Please sponsor me.

Classic Cadbury Eggs and Russel Stover Hollow Bunny

We’re trying not to go overboard with candy, but we couldn’t avoid the Cadbury eggs and a chocolate bunny.

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