Scribble Itch

Wilma Shakespeare and the ghost of Virginia Woolf walk into a bar… and they fail the Bechdel test. 

As a new mom, there is very little that I would sacrifice my sleep for. And yet, last December, I gave up precious slumber to write Scribble Itch. The story was inspired by both my optimism and pessimism. I was increasingly agitated in the world we live in. And yet, as I read Virginia Woolf’s essay “A Room of One’s Own”, I couldn’t help but scoff at her depressing outlook, erring on the side of humor and hope to lift myself up. Jam-packed with absurdity, this play both does and doesn’t take place in Elizabethan England. Stripped of heightened language and proper mannerisms, we examine what has and has not changed for women. Scribble Itch offers sarcastic jabs, but the heart of the story is sincere: a woman’s hope for a career, passion, and love. Something we still treat as unattainable for women, without blinking an eye at a working man with a family. 

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